Our Process

a) A common issue for dentists: Too high occlusion, improper proximal contact, and impassive fitting in the mouth.

Our solution: In our effort to achieve the best occlusion, we consider horizontal and vertical movement of the alveolar bone. In addition, we account for centric contact, the short interval between initial contact and maximum intercuspal contact. Though it’s impossible to simulate centric contact with hard stone casts, our lab takes the time and uses special techniques to reach complete centric occlusion. Gold casting from wax is not always a perfect conversion process, which can also cause high occlusion. Our lab techniques account for this conversion, meaning we don’t have to adjust the final crown. This in turn, reduces gold scrap and maintains the anatomy ideal. Our  second solid pour up model and single master die for final marginal adaptation will reduce your  stress and will give you enjoyment of your professionalism.

b) A common issue for dentists: Crowns that catch on the labial margin and are shy on the lingual metal margin.

Our solution: cast metal fits on the stone die perfectly, with perfect margins. However, our metal casts are built hundredths of a millimetre shorter on the labial margin and thicker on the lingual margin under microscopes to account for porcelain build up on the labial margin-not showing bluish pale margin tone or surrounding gum arrea and polishing on the lingual margin.

c) A common issue for dentists: Crowns don’t fit properly because of a traditional technique that uses gypsum, which becomes slightly distorted when it sets in dental impressions.

Our solution: Our plaster room uses a distortion-free system, where we pour the stone over a impression and glue it to a preformed base with posts that hold the stone. It gives a cleanner apearance and well as no distorsion.


Working Schedule

  1. Time Requirements:Precision attachment work and cast/post and cores require a few extra days.
    • Pbm Crown & Bridge Restorations: 5 business days
    • Procera Alumina and Zircona crown:  7 business days (extra 2 more days for over 5 unit procera bridge)
    • Custom Implant abutment : 6 business days.
    • Procera Custom implant abutment and zircona(alumina) crown: 11 business days
  2. If rush service is required, the following costs will apply:We would appreciate advance notice if you require 3-5 day service (no extra charge)Evenings, Saturdays, Sundays and holidays are not included in working days.
    • Next day service (not always possible), 40% extra
    • 2-day service, 20% extra
  3. We endeavour to do our best with prompt pick-up service, but evening and Saturday pick-ups cannot always be guaranteed
  4. Our services and fees cover in-lab procedures. Out-of-lab services are as follows:
    • Less than 60 minutes, no charge
    • Exceeding 60 minutes, $40 per half hour (including driving time)


Beth-El has developed a quality program with our dentists, where they have an opportunity to give us regular feedback on our work. Communication is integral to serving you better, getting to know your personal preferences, and helping us keep a long-term, healthy relationship with you. Please contact us for further details at (204) 940-4000 or This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .

We wish to extend our appreciation to you for considering Beth-El for your restorations.

Discover how we can reduce your chair time by 5 minutes or more, guaranteed.

Our clients save an average of 10-15 minutes of chair time, per unit.

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