I have not been approached by Beth-El Dental Studios to write this recommendation. But having recently retired, I feel that I would like to acknowledge the fine quality of work done by Beth-El. I was a client of Beth-El for nearly three years. During this time, I have had a wonderful relationship with Beth-El, but regret that I had not sent my lab cases to Beth-El sooner.

Won, the owner, along with his staff, produce beautiful and precise work that fits without catches with the probe and in the vast majority of cases needs no occlusal adjusting. Beth-El is very accommodating while still maintaining excellent standards. With their new laboratory, I feel that we have in Winnipeg a world class dental laboratory. Any dentist wishing to upgrade their lab work, i.e. tight contact points, perfectly fitting margins, no occlusal adjustment, and eliminate redoes would find that Beth-El Dental Studios would be the answer.

I highly recommend Beth-El Dental Studios as a full-service dental laboratory.


Dr. Graham Willoughby BDS., MDS.

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